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Sketch Of Boy

Sketch Of Boy : Sketch Drawing of Smart Boy Sketch Of Boy : Mohit Modanwal 
Real Photo :Mohit Modanwal
How to make a sketch of boy -
In this drawing(sketch of boy)I have use only HB,2b,4b,pencil and normal eraserThis  drawing(sketch of boy) take time in preparation is 3 hours This boy is  my best friend and my classmate also. This boy name is Mohit modanwal  very difficult part to draw in this sketch is mirror image in goggle In this drawing(Sketch of Boy),I have try to show natural beauty of boy  Sketch Of Boy यह ड्राइंग आपको कैसी लगी आप अपने सुझाव कमेंट करके दे सकते है |

Art By -Deva